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The content on TikTok is not limited to short videos but has expanded into various formats such as slideshows and images, enhancing users’ creative possibilities.

SnapTiktok.me not only supports downloading videos and audio but also allows the download of photos and slideshows from TikTok. Our downloader helps you download TikTok photos without watermark, completely free and without limitations.

You can use our TikTok image and slideshow downloader on any device, including iPhone, Android, PC, MAC, with ease, speed, and without the need to install any additional software or extensions.

How to download TikTok images without watermark

Step 1: Find the image/slideshow you want to download

Open the TikTok app on your phone or visit tiktok.com on your computer > Find the image/slideshow you want to download > Then, click on the “Share” option and select “Copy link”.

Download Tiktok photos/slideshows without watermark or logo

How to download Tiktok photos without watermark or id

Step 2: Paste the link into the input box on snapptiktok.me

Open any web browser, go to the SnapTiktok.me website > Paste the copied link from Step 1 into the input box above by clicking the “Paste from clipboard” button > Then, click on the “Download” button.

Download images from Tiktok to iPhone, Android, PC, MAC for free

Step 3: Download TikTok photos without watermark to your device

If everything is okay, the “Results” page will open. Here, you will have options to download the photos you need.

Download photos from Chinese Tiktok without logo or watermark


Following our instructions above, you can download TikTok images/slideshows on iPhone, Android, PC, MAC. First, find the slideshow/image on TikTok and copy the link. Next, access SnapTiktok.me using any browser. Paste the link into the input box and click "Download".

That way, you've effortlessly and quickly acquired your favorite images/slideshows.

Download photos/slideshows from Tiktok with SnapTiktok.me completely free. You don't need to pay any fees when downloading content from TikTok through SnapTiktok.me.

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Our TikTok photo/slideshow downloader works on both iOS and Android. You can use your phone, computer, or even a tablet to save photos/slideshows from TikTok.

Additionally, on Android, we have developed the SaveGo app with many premium features, and it's completely free.

We do not limit the number of times you can download images and slideshows from Tiktok. You can download any image/slideshow you want without any restrictions.

Our download tool supports saving photos/slideshows from the Chinese TikTok platform (Douyin) without watermarks or logos, completely free of charge. The process of downloading photos from Chinese TikTok is similar to the instructions above.